New protein discovered in aging, cancer

A protein has been found to have a previously unknown role in the ageing of cells, according to an early study by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The researchers hope that the findings could one day lead to new treatments for ageing and early cancer.

Lack of exercise might invite dementia

Parking yourself in front of the TV may make you as likely to develop dementia as people genetically predisposed to the condition, a Canadian study suggested.

Wearable biosensors can flag illness

Can your smart watch detect when you are becoming sick? A new study from Stanford, publishing January 12th, 2017 in PLOS Biology, indicates that this is possible.

Health Overhaul Plan, Irans largest welfare scheme


The health sector is among the foremost issues in the society and Health Overhaul Plan is the largest welfare scheme which has been implemented in Iran to date, said the deputy health minister for treatment affairs.

Treating infertility using MIS methods

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), which is currently common in most parts of the country, has been effective in reducing infertility rate in women, said the head of the International Congress of MIS Methods.

Many people don’t know what makes smoking dangerous

Most Americans don grasp that the chemicals produced by burning a cigarette are more harmful than the manufacturers additives that cigarette also contains, and many mistakenly believe filters can protect them from breathing toxic fumes, a recent study suggested.

Want to delay death? Then swim or get on court

Swimming, racquet sports and aerobics are associated with the best odds of staving off death, and in particular of reducing the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke, scientists said.

Does arthritis really get worse in winter?

Constant and unrelenting pain in joints is an every day occurrence for people suffering with arthritis — a condition many wrongly assume is just a part of the aging process.

How to get rid of canker sores

Canker sores are frustrating and painful. If you find you e getting canker sores often, the solution may be as simple as avoiding spicy foods or acidic fruits, which can irritate the mouth.

Immunotherapy treatments may better treat skin cancer


Treating one of the most common and deadly forms of skin cancer with a combination of immunotherapy options may improve survival and lower the risk of life-threatening events in the patients diagnosed in the late stages, a new study has found.