Iran womens U-20 soccer team defeats Ukraine in friendly match

2017-03-06 10:40:41

The Iran womens national under-20 football team, also known as Iran Under-20 or Iran Youth Team, has managed to defeat the Ukraine national under-20 football team in a friendly match in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

On Sunday, the Iranian squad delivered a convincing performance at the Ararat Stadium, and scored a 2-1 win against the Eastern European squad.

Hajar Dabbaghi opened the scoring for the hosts in the 68th minute. Melika Motavalli doubled the Persian’s advantage from the penalty spot only into the injury time.

Iran Youth Team had Arefeh Seyyed Kazemi, Maryam Izadpanah, Melika Motavalli, Fatemeh Motavalli, Mitra Mohammadi, Sana Sadeghi, Zahra Khodabakhshi, Fatemeh Mazidi, Fatemeh Makhdoumi, Hanieh Mokhtarifari and Hajar Dabbaghi in its initial line-up.

“Our players could rather go ahead with the plans drawn up by the the technical staff, and managed to produce a desired result. Unfortunately, we did not have our full squad because of some injuries,” Iran head coach Leila Veghari said after the match.

She added, “We should broaden our experience through such games, discover our weak points to see how you can address them. Members of the Ukrainian team sprinted more than our players. Actually, the game against Ukraine helped us discover the true level of Iran Youth Team.”

 “It was such a tough and competitive game for both teams as players sprinted very much. I believe we put in a great performance. We really need this warm-up game to put our players to the test and find our strengths and weaknesses,” Ukraine head coach Nataliya Zinchenko commented.