Italian, Japanese troupes to perform at Tehran theater

2017-04-18 04:34:49

Tehran’s Baran Theater will be hosting two troupes from Italy and Japan for performances, which will begin on April 23.


The Italian troupe Potlatch led by director Pino Di Buduo will stage “Suspended Tread” and restage “The First 100 Years of Edith Piaf”, which they performed in Tehran last year.


Nathalie Mentha, Keiin Yoshimura and Zsofia Gulyas are the main members of the cast for “Suspended Tread”, which is about a romantic triangle of an elderly samurai, a young Japanese poet and a beautiful French tightrope walking girl.


Nathalie Mentha is also the solo actress of the “The First 100 Years of Edith Piaf”, which is a musical journey in late 1930s France through the songs of French cabaret singer Edith Piaf (1915-1963).


Japanese director Keiin Yoshimura plans to stage “Sakura, Cherry Blossom”, which is an elegy for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.


Yoshimura is the performer of the play, which is a combination of Japanese folk music and Kamigata-mai dance.


Yoshimura is also scheduled to hold a workshop on acting, directing and traditional Japanese dance. 


The performances will run until May 5.


Photo: A poster for “Sakura, Cherry Blossom”